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Discover how ETO's Features reduce the burden of opportunity tracking while potentially 

lowering your cost to secure new business

Typical Business Scenario without ETO

Most opportunity tracking requires numerous resources such as multiple personnel developing time consuming spreadsheets for task order issuance, vendor partner qualification and email notifications .

Simplify Task Order Automation with ETO

Add Task Order

ETO auto-issues to partners via email

ETO collects survey data and algorithm suggest partners that qualify presented in a dashboard format

Prime Partners creates ETO survey to qualify Task Order 

Sub Partners complete ETO survey to qualify Task Order 

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Logo Mark_Logomark- Turq.png
Logo Mark_Logomark- Turq.png

ETO’s innovative software solution gives your 

organization the ability to manage the entire life cycle of a business opportunity in order to increase your win rate.


     Strengthen your pipeline development process

     Track opportunities efficiently with seamless

      implementation coupled with ETO generated



     Automated system provides greater insight into

     partner capabilities and in turn identifies the best

     partners to align with to win

Pipeline Development

Business Meeting
ETO Features
  • Identify opportunity (TOs)

  • ETO – Research partners

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Already have opportunity tracking software...even better. ETO works alongside existing solutions and serves as an enhancement while streamlining processes.

Pipeline Development

  • Build Pipeline


  • IDIQ Task Orders

  • Govwin 

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Opportunity Identification



  • Historical IDIQ TO

  • Govwin

  • USASpending

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Capture Management

  • Customer Engagement

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Win Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Solution Development

  • ETO Teaming

  • ETO IDIQ Portals 

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