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Our Support Team Is Here For You

We are here to help you grow and win new business.

  • What is ETO?
    ETO is an innovative software solution specifically developed to enable companies to quickly and accurately assess new business opportunities and organize the best partners to win. Through ETO’s simple application, your company and its employees can easily manage task orders and quickly identify the best partners to align with to win. ETO helps you effectively grow your business, while investing less time, every single time.
  • How does ETO work?
    ETO makes your business processes faster and gives you more freedom by removing the need for additional resources to manage the qualifying process of task orders. With ETO, you no longer have to receive and comb through hundreds of emails associated with one task order requirement. Simply: 1) log into our proven system; 2) select the task order; 3) attach a short survey of the requirements you seek; and 4) email prospective partners—either automatically or manually. ETO will do the work for you by qualifying partners based on your requirements. You will receive a summary report of all respondents for each task order, which scores them for you and helps you easily identify your best fit.
  • How can ETO help you win more business?
    ETO reduces the burden of opportunity tracking hence lowering your cost to do business ETO tracks opportunities efficiently with seamless implementation coupled with automated communications ETO provides greater insight into partner relationships and capabilities ETO works alongside existing solutions; serves as an enhancement ETO is affordable, flexible and offers transparent pricing ETO increases revenue potential (by enabling the ability to go after a greater volume of opportunities)
  • Who is ETO for?
    ETO is for any business interested in managing task orders with greater efficiency. All businesses, whether small, medium or large; commercial or local, state or federal government can benefit from the tool. ETO is also great for C-Suite Executives, Procurement Managers and Business Development Managers.
  • How do I get started?
    Select a package, sign-up and start today! Not sure yet,schedule a demo.
  • What support exists for users?
    Ongoing customer support is available through our team of ETO experts. Contact us at .
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