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Save Time and Produce Better Results

A  technology solution to win new business.

Experience an innovative solution that efficiently streamlines opportunity tracking.


Grow Your Business

With Ease With ETO


ETO is an innovative software solution specifically developed to enable companies to quickly and accurately assess new business opportunities and organize the best partners to win.

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The Solution You Thought You Already Had But Now You Know You Need

There is an easier way to win new business. ETO gives you the freedom to efficiently invest in growth opportunities with fewer resources needed. 

C-Suite Executives

Stay competitive with our capture management process.  ETO frees up operational resources so you can stay focused on the business you already won.

Procurement Managers

Through the use of automated emails, our technology closes the communication gap by reaching out immediately to partners who are a good match.

Business Development Managers 

Pipeline development just got easier. ETO qualifies opportunities and partners, hence a reduction in time spent on research. 

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our Solution Has to Offer

Email Notification System

With custom email notifications, ETO will  notify your partners that a task order is eminent or one has been released. You will receive an email with a dashboard to suggest which companies are best suited for a task order opportunity after survey completion.

ETO Survey Management

Surveys are emailed to prospective partners, our algorithm analyzes survey responses and suggest  partners with the best experience for your team. This feature may be used to conduct market research of companies in the market that could provide services and join your team. 


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